Thursday, February 02, 2006

TOO Normal

I have never really thought of myself as being too normal, but it was confirmed on Saturday.

Steven has always wanted to be on a reality TV show and I have always wanted to be famous, so when we were lazily staying in bed on Saturday morning watching the news, we heard our calling.

Open Casting Call
Deal or NO Deal
noon to five!

We thought, why not and headed for Dave and Busters. We had a gift card worth $50 so we figured if it didn't work out, then we would live it up inside the game room instead.

Steven is convinced that there won't be a line so we go there at 12:00, just in time to see that the line was wrapped around the building! We decide what the heck and go to get in it. While making our way towards the end of the line we ran into our friend Alex! She was about 5 minutes up from the end of the line, so we jumped in with her. Thank God we did, because then came the RAIN and she had an umbrella! We ended up standing in line, in the rain, for three hours. Funny thing is, we didn't even know what we were standing in line for....are they going to give us a number so we can just get in another line?.....are we going to see Howie Mandel?

Finally, we made it in the front door just to be handed an application. I never thought that this would be so hard to fill out on the spot. This is how mine turned out:

1) What is your luckiest Moment?
I have the worst luck! I am hoping that the show will turn this around for me.

2) What is your occupation?
Central Registrations Director for the National Cheerleaders Association Corporat Office

3)What is your most embarrassing moment?
I don't have one...Really! I love life's little mishaps

4)What is something interesting about you that noone can tell by looking at you?
That I have had major Jaw surgery and a chin implant

5)Name the most outragous thing you have ever done?
I have been in seven wrecks and flipped a car

6)Can you Rollerblade?

7) What would you do with the million dollars?
First, I would dance a jig, then I would buy a house with my husband of 9mths, pay off my new car, and travel to Europe

8)Do you have a lucky charm? If so what is it.
My grandmother's broach that is on the visor of my car. I haven't had a wreck since I put it there.

That was it! 8 simple questions that I had stupid answers to. I figured I could elaborate once I had my one on one with the Casting Director. Surely they would love my personality, Right!?

NOPE. We finally get into the room to meet with a Casting Director. They have 4 casting Directors and ten of us lined up across the table from each of them. The russian casting girl tells us that we need to give our name, age, occupation, and then our 10 second "True Hollywood Story". HUH? Then she will ask us what we will do with the Million Dollars and we can not answer the following: Buy a house, travel, or pay bills. WHAT.... That was my entire answer.

So it comes to me and I give my name and my age, then I tell her where I work and the Girl next to me screams: "Whoo, that's cool". OK? then I am really quickly trying to turn my life into a True Hollywood Story, when the casting director says, "Your Hot!" which totally through me off. I blabbered something and then she said, " I see here that you had jaw surgery... what for?"
(Now this would be a good time to make up some crazy bar fight...or a cool car accident...)
"Oh, it is hereditary, my dad had the same surgery when he was my age, it's no big deal!"

That is the last opportunity to come across as interesting and I blew it. The Casting Director said that if they liked us, we would here from them within 24 hours and shooed us out the door.

That was it....I knew they would never call, because I was Too Normal.

SO, How would you have answered the application questions? Are you too normal?

1) what is your luckiest moment?
2)What is your occupation?
3)What is your most embarrassing moment?
4)What is something interesting about you that noone can tell by looking at you?
5)Name the most outrageous thing you have ever done.
6)Can you Rollerblade?
7)What would you do with a million dollars?
8)Do you have a lucky charm? If so what is it?

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