Friday, January 06, 2006

"Tonight i'm gonna party like its 2005!"

Well for me, 2005 was a blessing! I married my best friend, started to really love me job, and moved my sister to Dallas. Hopefully my parents are next! High School Nationals went off successfully and my boss keeps praising me for a good job! It is so nice to hear sometimes, i just hope it show up in my bonus. haha! The day after High School Nationals ended Steven and I were off to Miami! At NCA we put together the pregame show for the Orange Bowl and this year was my turn to go. Stevens was lucky enough to become part of our staff for the week (i.e he got paid to go work the Orange Bowl). I really enjoyed working with him and being on the field was pretty cool too! We weren't necessarily rooting for either team, but it was surprising how many fans Penn State brought.

We spent the day before the game at South Beach. Apparently you have to be Gorgeous, have plastic parts and a Bronzed Goddess Tan to live there. we did some shopping (my favorite past time) and had lunch at a little Cafe on "A1A Beach Front Avenue."

We also came across Versace's house. I'm pretty sure that he was assassinated on his front steps, which was an awkward thing to realize while your standing on his front steps. Kinda Cool. All in all it was a great beginning to a new year and a good reason to be out of the office.

Hook em

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