Sunday, August 08, 2010

The Buddy

Our Little Buddy is turning 2! Our hearts expand daily with the awesome gift from God that is Cohen Eric Nelson. Here are a few things that you should know about our buddy:

  • He LOVES to dance. This kid has some rhythm :o) The cutest part of this is that he dances all the any tune. If it is slow he slows it down...if it is fast he speeds it up. I can't wait to see how this fits in to his future. I was known to dance a jig or two in my day and I guess he gets this from me.
  • Delays, shmelays...Although Cohen was diagnosed with a 10 month speech delay back in May, he has made leaps and bounds in the verbal department. He is currently enrolled in ECI (early Childhood Intervention) and loves his therapists. We are so pleased with the progress he has made. Our current favorite sayings include: "no, no kenzi" "help...please...I stuck" "whoa" "yehaw" "hi cool" (hi, school) and "I uh ooo" (I love you)

  • He has no fear..he loves to climb and loves to slide (thus the Chutes and Ladders theme for his 2nd bday party)
  • He is a tough kid...(for memory purposes I am recording this here) Cohen has received 7 (seven!) bites in a matter of 7 (seven!) weeks from other kids at daycare. There is obviously an epidemic of biters (3 culprits so far) running rampent at his school. OTHERWISE he loooooooves going to school and is learning so much. Other than this incident; which I promise you I am dealing with (if you know me you know I am not passive with these kinds of things) we are very pleased with his school.
  • He weighs roughly 24 pounds (by our calculations) and is growing like a weed. We should know more at his appt in a couple of weeks.
We had a fabulous weekend celebrating this guy and can't wait to show you all the festivities! As soon as I receive the professional pics back...

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