Monday, July 05, 2010

A Festive 4th

We had a really great 4th of July weekend...even in the rain :o) We planned to go to the Roughriders Game on Friday night with the Pyle's, but rain cancelled the game. We ended up having dinner and then going to the kid section of Barnes and Noble so the kids could play with the thomas the train table. It was David's first late night experience...we felt honored!

We met up with the Pyle's again on Saturday night for Frisco Freedom Fest, but again....rain! So we headed to dinner to wail it out. I think that the boys were a little stir crazy from all the rain!

David is trying to escape and Cohen is about to put out a was definitely time to head outside!

These poor guys totally braved the rain and enjoyed watching the olympic trampolinists (??)

The actual 4th brought on some pool time at Scott and Marianna's and bbq at the Pyle's

Super easy Marshmallow pops I made :o)

R enjoying a mpop

And because of a lost bet at work, Steven got to be the Bat Boy for last nights game. He had fun and they even created a website about it:

I hope that your 4th was just as festive!!

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