Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Second FIRST Day of School

As I was dropping off The Buddy at school on his 10th day, I was told that they would be closing their doors...for good...in just 2 short weeks! I was shocked, panicking about where we were going to move him because we had just finished the search and were happy with what we found! On a side note daycares in Frisco, TX are outrageously expen$ive! I had been quoted anywhere between $215 to $330 a week!

Well, you have heard it before, but I whole heartedly believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason and is God's way of keeping us on track with his plan for us. Well, God is good because we were able to get into a great school with a state of the art facility and they matched our tuition! I mean, that never happens!

This is his second week and he is already flourishing! Although not mentioned here before, Most of you know that Cohen is delayed by 10 months in his speech and about 4 months developmentally. We went as far as having him evaluated for Autism a few weeks ago. Autism is a hereditary disorder and Cohen happens to have a first cousin and second cousin diagnosed with Autism. His delays warranted us looking into things further. We were greatful to learn that he is not autistic! We have started Therapy once a week with ECI and obviously a new school. Both are proving to be a great asset in working against Cohen's delays.

The Buddy is such a bright guy and is learning new things every day. Our hearts swell with pride daily. So, in a nut shell, that is why we have a 2nd First day of school in the books :o)

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