Saturday, May 29, 2010

Zoo Day!

Today was The Buddy's first experience with the Fort Worth Zoo and I have to say it was a big success! He loved the giraffes and the penguins best. Continually called the matter how many times he was corrected, got to feed birdseed to parakeets, and even got to have some gorilla juice!

The Buddy and D, US, Rockin the shades, and having some Gorilla juice

He was SO excited to see a penguin up close

The Buddy and D had so much fun together

We are so thankful that our best buds, The Pyle Family, invited us and we truly had a blast!! Plus, the Fort Worth Zoo totally rocked. We will definitely be back!

A perfect ending to the day included The Buddy's first ever popsicle experience! He is definitely a fan. If you are wondering what he is holding, it is called a Dripstick ( you can see more about it here) Basically it catches all the popsicle or ice cream drips so you don't end up all sticky! Isn't that brilliant!?

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