Thursday, August 13, 2009

Birthday Boy!

Today is the day! I can't believe that Cohen is a year old. We have truly enjoyed every minute of our lives with The Buddy and were excited to celebrate today. My plan is to get a picture of Cohen when he first wakes up on each birthday morning. I figure once he is 16 or so, the pictures will be hilarious. So here is the first one:

Birthday boy first thing this morning. Love those eyelashes!

We made sure that Cohen got to wear his Birthday shirt to "School" today and once he was dressed, he seemed to pose for the camera. So funny!

At lunch I went to the store and picked up a balloon for him. I tied it to his new carseat so when I picked him up this afternoon he could see it. He was mesmerized by it!

So mesmerized in fact that he wouldn't even let go once he had fallen asleep. Too sweet!

Next up was a trip to Chick Fil A for his first kids meal. For some reason, Cohen refuses to eat stage 3 foods. He does do really well with whatever we are having for dinner that night though, so we expected him to take to the chicken and french fries well, and he did!

Once we were home, we gave him his sprinkles cupcake and a sippy with milk. He did great with both. Then we skyped Gdaddy and Lala so they could sing Happy Birthday, and talked with Mimi too. It was such a great day full of lots of memories. We head to the Doc Monday, so we will have stats soon!


Creative Chaos said...

LaLa LOVES that Baby Boy!!Happy Birthday My Sweet Punkin!! MWAH!!!

Anonymous said...

No, he's not spoiled already! Happy Birthday Cohen! Aunt Lisa and Uncle Mike love you too much!

Kyle and Marci said...

Love the idea of the birthday morning picture...and I bet you WILL have some very interesting pictures down the road! Happy Birthday Cohen!