Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The buddy lately

Between my mother's 50th birthday party, lots of baseball games and planning the buddy's first birthday, my blogging has been lagging. I'm sorry for that and will try to stay on top things. So here we go.

The buddy is growing and learning every day. It is so amazing how much he has learned in such a small amount of time. We are slowly creeping towards his first birthday and couldn't be more proud to see the little guy he is becoming.

Has 4 total teeth (3 on the bottom, one on the top)
Waves goodbye
Can walk when you hold one of his hands. Creeps along everything.
Is now crawling when he can't reach to walk along something
Can say his D's, B's, G's and now his M's!
Started saying: "yeah" as if he is answering you...its too funny
Looooves his red car, his swing, little puffs
Hates getting his diaper changed and stage 3 foods
Not interested in a sippy cup (could actually use some advice for this if anyone knows things to try)

Enjoying a teething biscuit for the first time

Happy 4th!

Playing at the Museum of Nature and Science


Anonymous said...

and he loves his GUM and GAL, for those that are not sure what that means GUM Great Uncle Mike and Great Aunt Lisa, can't wait to take him on the boat fishing.

The Millers said...

Hey Tiff, Carson uses Born Free training cups. They are the step between the sippy cup and bottle. They are great and don't leak at all! We put all of his bottles up except 2 and would only give them to him if he absolutely would not take the sippy. He is now only using the sippy cup. I still have a bottle on reserve just in case.

Adriane and Bryan said...

Drew started with the soft spout Gerber Sip & Smile cups. I just started by putting a little bit of water and keeping it out at all times. He thought it was a toy for a while and while he played with it I would try to teach him how to drink out of it. Then after a while he got the hang of it and would drink out of it on his own...and he thought it was fun! Once he started that, we substituted the sippy cup for ONE of his bottle feedings and so on. You just have to be patient :)

Jill said...

Try lots of different types of cups- he will choose the one he likes-