Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Parent Commitment

Sunday was a big day for our family. Cohen was dedicated to our Lord in a Parent Commitment service at Fielder Road Baptist Church. We were blessed to have my parents (surprise appearance after being snowed in), sister, Steven' parents and cousins in attendence. Cohen was dedicated along with his 6 week younger cousin, Trinity. It was a great little ceremony and Steven gave some wonderful words about what this meant for our family.

We decided to do it at the church that we were married in and the same church that Steven was dedicated at about 30 years ago. They presented us with a flower, a bible for Cohen and a letter for him to read on the day that he decides to invite Jesus into his heart. What a neat day that will be. I often day dream about how it will be for a parent to see their child making that decision.

After the ceremony we all met up at Steven's parents house where his mother made THE YUMMIEST lunch I think I have ever had. I am still full. It was so good we were still talking about it yesterday! You can't beat Myrna's deviled eggs! mmm hmmm!

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Mandy said...

what a precious time for your family and your adorable little man. nothing makes me happier than to see my dear friends raising their children to know and love the lord!