Thursday, February 12, 2009


So I think Cohen has decided that girls have cooties. How can I tell? Well, what else would a little boy do to ward off the ladies...........fart noises. Yep you read that right. My son is one day shy of his half birthday and he already knows how to make fart noises with his mouth!

See for yourself

While perusing the card aisle today, Cohen was sitting in the stroller....making fart noises....and this man just looked at me. Then smiled and said...."I'm impressed he can already make that noise" So Cohen is officially all boy and I'm convinced that his daddy must have taught him this.

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Adriane and Bryan said...

Isn't it so fun when they start making noises and 'talking'? Drew started the 'fart noises' early on too. However, he stopped for a while, but now there are days when that's ALL he'll do. Happy half-birthday Cohen!!!