Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mom's having a party

And you're invited! Now if you have ever been invited to one of my birthday parties growing up, then you know that the sky is the limit when my mother is involved. Well this is no exception. It is her blogoversary and instead of asking for gifts, she is giving them...Lucky us!! She is giving away three of my favorite things that she sells in Canton.

So wondering how you can get in on the fun?? Just visit her blog, Creative Chaos, and follow one or all of the 4 different ways you can enter. Good luck...and I am only saying that to be nice because I really want to win. hehe.

Creative Chaos

1 comment:

Creative Chaos said...

Thanks Sweetheart! It's nice to know that my party efforts have been appreciated even after all these years.

Hopefully, I didn't start something with the birthdays that I (or Steven) will later regret. (Actually, he could already be cursing my name {grin} sorry.)

And Thanks for the Shameless Plug for by Blogoversary! (Hope we have LOTS of guests!

Hugs from your Mom!!