Saturday, September 06, 2008

Picture Perfect

We have learned that pictures can be deceiving. Last week we were scheduled for Cohen's newborn pictures. I was so excited to get those naked, folded baby pictures of him. Well Cohen had other plans! When we started to strip him down for his big photoshoot it became apparent that he had been making a large diaper all the way there. It was a doozy! We cleaned him up and proceeded to place him on the back drop. Poor guy was freezing and didn't like the idea of being naked at all. Next thing we knew he was peeing on the back drop! I was mortified! While I am trying to assure the photographer that I will dry clean all of her back drops and that I am sooo sorry, Cohen begins to poo. AHH! We quickly diaper him up again and decide to wait it out. Only Cohen is inconsolable at this point. We have not seen him this upset yet. I finally get him to a dull whine and decide to get him naked again. He ends up peeing on himself, and peeing on Steven. I am done. I officially have poo under my finger nails, Steven is now late for work, and Cohen is screaming.

Time is money for the photographer and we are taking up a lot of it...30 minutes in and not a single picture taken yet. Needless to say, Cohen filled all the diapers we brought with poo and we have run out of wipes. I decide we need to reschedule. It just isn't a good day for this....Clearly. The photographer says no way. "In 5 years of shooting newborns, it always works out", she says.

Well we got the proofs a couple of days ago and I can't believe it! SHE WAS RIGHT!
I must say you can't even tell it was a nightmare. I have decided I have to send her some kind of thank you. I am totally impressed with what she came up with. Check it out here:

Session ID: Cohen N
Password: cohen

Now how do we choose what to order?


Lisa said...

Oh, he's a darling baby! Reading your description of how the session went reminded me of my son's first baby pictures. He peed on everything, too. Maybe that's just a boy thing! LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh MY GOODNESS, I so just want to put him in my pocket! I love them all...I would like a picture so I can frame it. What a sweet baby, he a perfect mix of you and Steven. I am so thankful for him. Your prayers were have a precious, CUTE, beautiful son.

Tiffany said...

Oh Amy! Thank you so much for loving him as much as we do. We feel so blessed by everything you guys have done for us in getting ready for Cohen. The fact that your kids pray for Cohen at night is so precious. He has the best cousins a guy could ask for! You can have any picture you want, just let me know which is your favorite.

Kacie and Boyd said...

Your baby pictures look like celebrity baby pictures. Cohen is so sweet! I am glad you have a beautiful and perfectly healthy baby boy!

Anonymous said...

I actaully teared up! You HAVE to let me have a picture since I am so far away now ... pretty please?!? He is just so beautiful. Sunday is not going to get here fast enough. I can't wait to hold him!!! Love you!

catherine said...

He is so precious. Those pictures were great. I love the newborn naked pics. You can never get those again. I am glad she convinced you to stay. I love the ones of the three of you.

Jill said...

welcome to motherhood my friend! It never quite goes how you had planned it!! If you dont'mind - I am going to add your blog to my page so I can keep up with you!