Friday, July 11, 2008

Favorite side effect

I take back everything I have said up until now....

THIS is my favorite side effect so far!

They were fine this morning! It wasn't until I was shoe shopping after work that these bad boys showed up. I keep staring at them because it doesn't feel like I am looking at my own feet. It feels like my legs might explode. It is the weirdest thing!

Check 'em out from this angle:

WHOA....I know. This post should come with a disclaimer. Not only for the enorgantic ankles, but that white skin is blinding! My first plan is a pedicure, then I need my Dad (he gives the BEST foot messages), If that doesn't work then I may give up and name them. They may be around for a while. Any suggestions on how to fix this besides keeping them elevated. They were proped up under my desk all day. Any ideas, let me know.

PS Dont laugh if I am barefoot at the shower tomorrow. I may not have a choice.


Holly said...

Hey Tiffany! I was at the Dr. with my youngest child and saw your aunt (or cousin - not really sure what she said!) and she gave me your blog address! I have been cracking up reading it. Jennifer, Gordon, Amanda and I had lunch at Christmas. I wish you and Michelle could have been there. The next time you are in town, let me know and maybe we can get together....I would love to meet your baby after the big day! It is great to know you are doing well. Tell Michelle I said Hello...and feel free to email me!
Good luck with the will do fine with the whole birth thing and the "one minute contractions!"
Holly Nay

Nicki W. said...

wear a bigger size shoe and make sure you only wear flip flops! sadly, there is no cure for the dreaded cankles. you will be amazed a few weeks after you have the baby at how much you appreciate your normal feet!!

Nita said...

Found your site through Stef's blog banner page....

I had crazy edema the last 8 wks of my pregnancy. I tried keeping my feet up under my desk at work and discovered it didn't do anything except unplug my monitor and keyboard.

What worked best was massage. I was lucky enough to have a retired RN who specializes in pre-natal massage. She did what she called "milking" to help get the fluid and out of my feet moving through the rest of my body. Of course she was adamant about keeping my feet elevated at home. In case you haven't bought that big rocker/recliner yet, time to go shopping!

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Well Tif, I got you again. My feet were so swollen, my toes didn't touch the ground when I stood up. Lots of water can help, and before you say it, I know, you pee enough already... I wish I had known about the "milking" massage back then. And Steven, it's definitely time to get some "foot massage" lessons from Billy, he is the BEST! Love you, Aunt Lisa

Anonymous said...

You poor thing! I am not looking forward to this side effect!!