Thursday, May 01, 2008

Going Green!

It's official! We are going green. We parted ways with the beloved Nissan Murano this week, (started to give us trouble, and had a TON of miles) and struggled with what to get next. I currently drive an hour to and from work, so gas mileage is always an issue. As it probably is for everyone these days. But I just wasn't sure that I was ready to give up an SUV. Especially when Cohen is so close to his debut!

Steven talked me into looking into the Toyota Prius which is a hybrid. I was actually pleasantly surprised with the look, and blown away with the basic features on the inside! (push start, smart key, and back bumper camera!!) We quickly came to find that the Prius is in very high demand, and hard to get your hands on. This is where we came to understand God's plan for us.

A couple went online to order their very own Prius (the only way to get one these days)and 4 weeks later the salesman called the couple to let them know their car was ready. The couple told the salesman they could no longer pay for the car. The very next call the salesman received was from my Father in Law asking if they had any white pruis's on the lot. The salesman said that actually he did. He was even nice enough to put a sold sign on the car until we could get there the next morning to see it. We feel so blessed to have been able to catch one without ordering it!

It just gets better from there because Steven said if I decided to get the car that will save us so much gas, I could look into any of the upgrades that I would like. So that I did! Tomorrow I am getting leather interior, built in bluetooth, and a new rearview mirror with homelink (programs your garage opener)!! Next week I get the windows tinted! I have never had a brand new car before...this is so much fun!

The real blessing is when we moved into the finance department...the dreaded finance department! Our associate happened to be a guy that was a camp counselor with Steven at Camp Ozark in 2000! Next thing you know...things started to become more affordable. That never happens! So here is what it looks like. What do you think!?

PS I am averaging 43 miles per gallon so far!

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