Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Hero

Happy Birthday Dad!
I want to dedicate this post to the GREATEST man I know! Today (Sunday, November 18th) he turns a very distinguished 52. If you do not currently have the pleasure of knowing this man, let me tell you a few reason's why he is so great...

  • Billy McCullers is a man of God. He carries passion for the word of God, and always leads by example.
  • I have never met a man with as much wisdom. He is generally a man of few words, but they are usually profound.
  • His one liners get me everytime! Always witty, so funny, and definately original.
  • He gives the greatest unbiased advice
  • He treats my mother like the princess that she is
  • He gives the BEST foot rubs
  • I can't wait to try the "eye rub" on my children. That thing is fierce!
  • Would probably still race me today for a new pair of shoes
  • He would make homemade lunchables...just because we looked like we could use a snack
  • He would ALWAYS make sure that Michelle and I had clean laundry, some extra cash, and oil in the car
  • He taught us a lot about sports, while being the best spectator at gymnastics and cheerleading
  • He is the greatest example of a gentleman, and how important it was to marry a man just like him. I am truly blessed to say that I did.

Thanks, dad for ALL that you have done, and ALL that you are! I hope that today is everything you want it to be. Love you much!


Adrienne said...

Happy Birthday to Billy! :)

Once Upon A the kingdom of Austin in the fairytale land of Texas there was born a fair princess with a love of all things magical, sparkly, and glittery. said...

Oh Sweetheart! That is the sweetest post I've ever read! We ARE truly blessed to have Dad!--Hugs! Mom

Amy said...

Well that is the sweetest thing ever! Yes, your dad is the "man" in my house as well, he's featured in our Christmas card this for it in the mail. You're so right about the foot rubs, Sadie runs to get the lotion now, when he's finished she says..."no uncle Frankie, more". LOL