Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Technology...always amazes me

Steven and I love to eat out and were anxiously awaiting the new On The Border restuarant to open down the road from the house. Finally this past weekend was their opening.

We love a good opening! We were there the first day of Ikea (it was crazy) as well as Chili's and Super Target! As long as we understand that it is gonna probably be a long process, it is usually fun!

Well, Sunday was the day. It was after church lunch at the new restuarant in town on opening weekend...should be interesting. I reminded Steven as we arrived that it was probably going to take awhile under the circumstances.

It was actually very, very quick! We were seated immediately after telling them it was just the two of us. The waitress came quickly and started to take our orders. After I replied, "Dr. Pepper, Please" she picked up this flatscreen computer thingy that was hanging around her neck and punched in my order! Too crazy!

She did the same with our food order and it was out very quickly because she entered it into the kitchen as soon as I said it. Then when it was time to pay she asked us if we would like any dessert. As we were saying no thanks, she reached around the back of her waist and pulled our bill out of a small machine on her belt!! We didn't even have to wait for her to go run the card and come back. She did it all right there!

Has anyone else had an experience with the new restuarant technology? We were kinda stunned. The waitress's only complaint was that the flatscreen computer thingy can get heavy at times. well I guess so.....anyways, Pretty cool, huh!

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