Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Kenzi: Good news

Well, we are breathing a little easier! We really didn't like having Kenzi on Valium and epilepsy medicine (made her drunk dog), so we decided to stop giving the valium and just start the epilepsy medicine. Two hours after she should have received another valium, the had a seizure. We were quick on our feet and actually got video of it. I emailed it to the vet the next morning and suddenly we had a neuroligist consult set up for this morning!

We drove to carrollton to the only Neurology vet in Texas and had a consult. The intern thoroughly examined Kenzi and then took the video of the seizure to show the neurologist. The doctor describes them as partial seizures and after examining Kenzi herself is confident that she does not have any neuroligical issues (brain tumor, scar tissue, not getting enough oxygen, etc). She was glad that we have already changed Kenzi's diet and that we were staying on the fish oil. She was also pleased the we had started the epilepsy medicine.

The medicine will take 10-14 days to get into her system, so we may see a few more episodes. The worst case scenario now, is that she will have to take medicine for the rest of her life. Sounds fine to me!

We are so relieved! Thank you for all the kind words and support. We appreciate it!

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