Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Rain, Rain, Go away!

We enjoyed a fabulous long weekend (5 days off) this past weekend and got sooo much done! I had 2 Signature HomeStyle parties (www.yoursignaturestyle.com), a high school graduation, and family time.
The rain we have been getting is helping our lakes, and makes my grass really green, but I am over it! When we moved into our house a year ago in June (I know a whole year already!!) the plants in the flower beds were so overgrown that we ripped them all out and started relandscaping. It wasn't until yesterday that we decided to start anew. We spent all morning at Lowes picking out our plants, got home and started placing them where we wanted to plant them. Then........the flood gates opened!!

I have never seen so much rain so fast! We managed to get four little mondo grass guys in the ground before it happened and they looked like they were going to float away! We just need the rain to stop for 1 day, so we can finish our work. That's all.

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