Monday, January 15, 2007


Yep, we are still here! It feels like I may never go home. I am really starting to miss Steven and Kenzi! The game was a ton of fun and the girls did a great job at half time. Of course ESPN found something else to feature except for our show, but we still enjoyed it. My job at the game was to escort the talent (Bryan white onto the field, up to the stage and back to his room. I dont know much about bryan white; however I have found him to be one of the most layed back, polite entertainers I have come across!
Last night we held a goodbye party for the girls to have a chance to say goodbye to everyone they have met this week and he was nice enough to attend and even sign autographs!
Today we are helping all of the families depart to the airport and tonight is our last night to stay!
I am praying that I can repack everything along with all my purchases and still stay under my weight limit.
Me and the Golden Cowboy
View from where I was laying out
John, Bryan White and I

My view of the stadium during halftime. The guys in front of me are waiting to shoot off the confetti canons.
My view of halftime performer Bryan White. Pretty cool!
The one player at the All star game from Baylor. Sic Em!

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aWare said...

I just randomly ran across your blog and thought I would tell you how JEALOUS I am of your trip! Oh to be you right now!