Friday, April 21, 2006

Happy Easter!

Easter was so wonderful this year! we havent been to my parents house in almost two years!! (they are always in Dallas) We spent alot of time shopping, caught up on movies, and just hung out. It was a nice break to the caos that has become our life. We also really enjoyed visiting my parents church. The preacher spoke about fasting from media. We LOVE television and need to be aware of just how much time we are spending with it. This week we really tried to focus on each other and our time with the bible rather than THE OC.

Steven is swamped at work with the new season and all the new concerts that are being booked. We are really looking forward to Rascal Flatts and George Strait! I have one more event to travel to (a coaches conference in Las Vegas) and then I can focus on the pile of Summer Camp registrations on my desk!

We are currently in the frustrating time of trying to buy a house. We finally narrowed it down to Frisco and the type of house we want; however so has everyone else! We have seen houses go on the market and be sold within 8 days in Frisco, and we just haven't been able to jump on one fast enough. We are continuing to pray about it and stay on top of our realtor. So keep your fingers crossed or we might be homeless in a couple of months!

My sister in law has now passed her first due date and coming close to her second. We thought last night was the night, but it was a false alarm. I can't wait much longer! We love Caleb so much and cannot wait to meet Luke! We are hoping to have the new baby (Luke Elijah Nelson) by this weekend. I'll keep you posted.
Thanks for checkin in.

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It's about time!!! I was thinking you quit blogging, keep it up. Actually, I really have no room to talk!