Tuesday, January 17, 2006

This is me...(inspired by Nicki)

1) I love my job and think other people think it's silly
2) I am glad that Steven is smart so i don't have to be
3) I didn't start reading books until after College
4) I secretly regret never being in a sorority
5) If i had it all to do over again I would have not left my Disney internship early.
6) I always daydream about being a celebrity
7) I wish my parents hadn't given me everything I wanted (I tend to not appreciate things)
8) I can't wait to have kids, but i pretend that i don't want any yet
9) I'm only 4'10, but I see myself as like 5'6.
10) I am deeply afraid that I will suck as a mom
11) I miss living in Waco. I want to raise my kids there.
12) I get discouraged because no one leaves comments on my blog
13) After giving private Cheer lessons for 5 years, I only had one kid that didn't make cheerleader
14) I cross my fingers that our kids have Steven's dark hair and blue eyes
15)I don't think I will go to my High school reunion and I doubt many will notice
16) I was the first person on my mom's side of the family to graduate college
17)My sister and I are absolute opposites (down to the smallest detail)
18) I received a cheerleading scholorship my freshman year of college
19) I received a full ride dance scholorship my sophomore year of college
20) I can't wait to find a home church
21) I hate wearing clothes
22) Sometimes I wonder how different life would be if I would have stayed with my Ex
23) I had braces for 8 months in college
24) In March 2003 I had Upper Jaw Surgery, Lower Jaw surgery and a chin implant
25) In Junior High I spent 2 weeks in Japan
26) I can count to 10 in Japanese
27)I have never had any math past Algebra 1
28) At one point I had 7 piercings
29)I have been at my job for 1 year and 7 months and have received 3 raises!
30) I miss teaching preschool gymnastics
31) I shoe shop all the time, but I rarely by any
32)I hate to run!!!
33)I had an ulcer in the 5th grade
34) I've always wished I could sing
35) I have been a Christian for 12 years
36) I miss my high metabolism
37) We treat our dog as if she was our child
38) Spring Break to Playa Del Carmen was my favorite Vacation ever!
39) I do not eat noodles. Not in any form
40) I don't like Chinese food
41) I was on dance team for the first half of high school and the cheer team the second half
42) i often regret not trying out for cheerleader earlier in life.
43) i have had 7 wrecks and flipped one car
44) I haven't had a wreck since putting my grandmother's butterfly broach on my visor
45) I have lived in 7 apartments (blah)
46) I love smelly lotions
46)I am never without chapstick (ever since jaw surgery)
47) I miss having girlfriends
48) I REALLY miss my guy friends
49) I like being in charge
50) I like being the center of attention
51) I hated my wedding dress
52) my sister and I are only 20 months apart
53) I never cooked until I was married
54) In Kindergarten Mrs Reece told my mom that i was too social.
55)I Love Hot Tamales (the candy)
56)I tell my mom EVERYTHING
57) I have only tried one kind of coffee at Starbucks (Tall Toffee nut latte)
58) I have a butterfly tatoo on my butt
59) Steven and I were best friends for 3 years before I knew i loved him
60) I believe that you can never have too many pairs of jeans


Mrs. D said...

That was very informative! We REALLY need to get together soon. I miss yall!

Cody Wardlaw said...

20 months, Jesus your paremts were busy. I had no ideas you had a blog. I guess i should pay closer attention. I hope your chin implant is made of steel that way you're like part superhero. My name for you is "Ultra chin" Go out and kick some ass. I wish i has a superhero body part.

Nicki W. said...

I wonder what your life would be like if you were still with your ex as well!! LOL! (if it the one I am thinking of :) )I had absoultely NO idea you had jaw surgery and chin implants! Loved this post!

Nicki W. said...
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Miss said...

I am so excited that I knew most of that stuff...That is so awesome...I don't know many people that can dig that deep into their souls like that, including me.