Thursday, December 15, 2005


Well we came across an hysterical website today..... Steven looks hysterical as an elf. hehehe. The point is to download a picture of someone's face and put it into the cartoon. Then you can make them dance. Check it out, it makes me laugh.

Well, Christmas is coming fast which means so is High School Nationals for cheerleading. The day after Christmas I get to come in to work and finalize everything for the big event. The Executive Event Director was excited to tell me that I get the Presidential Suite at the Adams Mark this year. If only we didn't work 14 hour days I could possibly be excited about it too. At Least we leave for the Orange Bowl right after Nationals. That should be fun. Steven is worried that he needs to know something about cheerleading in order to go. I guess we will see.

TaTa for now....

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